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Alborz Turbine Company was established in 2008 with the mission of providing services in the energy sector in the domestic and foreign markets with the benefit of capable employees, support of the production department, a reliable network of partners and suppliers, and organizational flexibility. This company, in charge of providing services in the Mapna group, has put the experience, expertise and resources of the group's equipment manufacturing factories as the basis of its quality and expertise and as a reliable and superior provider of comprehensive power plant services with the aim of becoming a leading group in the field of technical services. and works in engineering.
Alborz Turbine Engineering and Power Plant Support Company, having high engineering power, experienced and expert manpower, tools and equipment, and a reliable supply network, identifies the needs of customers and offers the best services to employers. Undoubtedly, the manpower of Alborz Turbine Company is considered as the main success factor of this complex. 150 management, engineering, technical technicians and executive team have valuable experiences in managing installation, commissioning, operation and basic repairs, inspection, testing and equipment repairs projects. Along with other Mapna Group companies, Alborz Turbine Engineering and Support Company has put the values ​​of customer orientation, innovation, excellence, safety, responsibility and ethics at the forefront of its activities.
In order to fulfill its mission and goals, Alborz Turbine Company has implemented a quality management system based on the requirements of the ISO9001:2015 standard according to the principles of increasing customer satisfaction, empowering employees in the field of work, maintaining and improving the quality of services, timely delivery of services and The development of micro-structures is established and implemented according to the position of Mapna Group.
"Alborz Turbine Power Plant Engineering and Support Company" was established on August 5, 2008 and focused on providing repair and maintenance services for gas turbines. From the beginning of 2010 onwards, the supply of various technical and engineering services for Mapna Group products was included in the service portfolio of this company, so that the variety of products and the level of influence of this company in the domestic and foreign markets expanded significantly.


Mapna is an Iranian economic enterprise that, together with its 41 subsidiary companies, under the name "Mapna Group Company" in the field of development and construction of thermal power plants, as well as the implementation of oil and gas projects and rail transportation, as a turnkey executive contractor. EPC) and private investment (IPP).
Since its establishment in 1371, Mapna Group has implemented nearly one hundred super projects worth more than 30 billion euros in its portfolio. In addition, it offers 60 different products and 85 different types of services to its customers.
The formation of Mapna Group begins with the establishment of "Iran Power Plant Project Management Company" or "Mapna" for short on 22 August 1372 by the Ministry of Energy of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Before the establishment of Mapna Company, all executive affairs of Iran's thermal power plant projects were carried out by foreign companies. The main purpose of establishing this company was the turnkey general contracting of power plant projects.